Blue Fret Music began in October of 2006 in Kaysville, Utah. Blue Fret is more than just “music lessons.” Our music school consists of two parts: personal music instruction, and helping students build bands with other students. Ultimately, it’s a way to put what you’ve learned into action. This has proven to be the most fun and motivating way to learn music. We specialize in private lessons, including electric and acoustic guitar, bass, drums, and even ukulele for all ages and abilities. Our instructors’ music styles range from classical, to jazz, to blues, to rock. We believe in using a wide range of instructional books and materials, rather than just one music “program”. Our instructors have years of experience as teachers, songwriters, and performers.

One of the most anticipated performance events is Park-a-Palooza. Park-a-Palooza is an outdoor “jam session” that we host at a local park each summer. Music students of all ages can perform solo or with a band. Food is provided, and everyone is welcome. It’s a great experience for the performers, who get to show off their skills, and also for those who come to listen and enjoy the great music and fun atmosphere.

We can’t wait to help you launch your music and performing dreams!